The Premium Beach Umbrella - 70's Panel Cinque

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Part of our Summer 20' Premium Beach Collection. Teleport back to the 70s with B&P's favourite style to date, featuring vintage pink, yellow, cream and green block colors. Add this baby to your beachside set up - groovy times are guaranteed!

Lie under luxury with your loved ones. Our Premium Umbrella is the Ferrari of the Beach. We've been perfecting this beauty for the last 5 years & no details have been spared. Enjoy 6' of shade when open & then pack down into a matching carry bag to transport to and from the beach with ease. 


- Reclaimed timber laminated wood pole
- Marine grade hand polished aluminium hinge and handle.
- UV- and water-resistant canopy with fibreglass ribs.
- Canopy is trimmed with natural cotton fringe.
- Comes with matching canvas carrier bag

Specs/ Dimensions:

In use: 7'5 H x 6'W
In Carry Bag 48" L x 4" W x 4"
Pole diameter: 1.125"
Weight 10lbs
Set up Time: Less than 1 Minute

Care instructions: 

- Store indoors when not in use to preserve its beauty.
- Avoid use of chemicals, clean with a mild, soapy water.


Difference between Premium & Holiday Umbrellas?

- Span: Premium 6' / Holiday 5.5'
- Height: Premium 7'/ Holiday 6'

Can I use this umbrella for my patio/cafe/garden, etc?

Yes, you can. However, they are designed for the beach with temporary exposure to sun & elements. Although they will last a good while setup permanently outside, we advise that you treat your umbrella with care & bring inside when not in use.