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Rolling Out... The All New PLEASURETEX™ Outdoor Fabric.

Available in all Business & Pleasure Co. perenial and evergreen stripes and colors.

Ideal for outdoor cushions, pillows, umbrellas, and awnings.

Look for the Label!

All products using high quality PLEASURETEX™carry the PLEASURETEX™ woven label.

What Makes Pleasuretex™ The Best Outdoor Fabric?

Easy to Clean

Resistant to spills and stains. Pleasuretex™ is so durable you can wash with bleach to remove the most stubborn stain - without affecting color or strength.

Rain or Shine

Suitable for all weather, Pleasuretex™ is designed to withstand the elements, with impecible UV, mold and fade resistance.


The combination of strong fibers and yarn along with experienced craftsmanship ensure the best quality and durability.

PleasureTex Sun Hours Comparison Chart