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Passalacqua Hotel Lake Como



B&PCo takes you inside the divine luxury accommodation destination that is the Passalacqua Hotel on the stunning Lake Como, Italy. Dive into our blog post to learn the rich history of the hotel along with their signature cocktail recipe.

- with pleasure

poolside with green umbrellas and a mountain backdrop

Villa Passalacqua was built on land originally owned by Pope Innocent XI and was constructed in the 18th century by Count Andrea Lucini-Passalacqua, who worked with architect Felice Soave and designer Giocondo Albertolli to bring his vision of making one of the largest villas on Lake Como come to life.

In 2018, the De Santis family bought the property in an auction and opened it for the first year as private villa, before closing it for a complete restoration.

Throughout the three years of restoration of the historic Villa Passalacqua, the aim was to bring love, respect, and thoughtfulness to this incredible mansion. Valentina De Santis and her parents, Antonella Mallone and Paolo De Santis have looked over every single aspect personally, working with local artists and artisans, that pass on their expertise generation to generation, to ensure a sense of place and heritage are apparent through the property.

Inside room with a piano and antique couches
poolside view of resort
interior of blue furniture in a hotel room
garden with a lake view
bathroom with marble sinks and bathtub
patio dining area with a view of the lake

The hotel is located on Lake Como, in the village of Moltrasio. Lake Como is a place to be, the jet set of some of the most renowned Hollywood stars. With its romantic and outstanding landscapes and the historic villas, it’s a destination that managed to remain still secluded and never opened to the mass tourism. Nowadays still preserving very carefully its intimacy and tranquility. This makes Lake Como a destination that is at the same time so charming and desired but also so exclusive.

green and white umbrellas by a poolside with sun loungers
lounge with a piano and red chairs and grand chandelier
a quaint dining table and two chairs overlooking a lake
bar view interior


  • Tanqueray 10 Gin
  • 359 Gin “Il Fruttato”
  • Lemon juice
  • Lavender syrup
  • Egg white
  • Lavender blossom garnish

A refreshing take on the gin sour in a nostalgic lilac hue that celebrates Passalacqua’s timeless charms and quintessential Italian lifestyle.

From 1829 to 1833, the renown composer Vincenzo Bellini made Villa Passalacqua his home. It is told that Bellini was inspired by listening the soprano Giuditta Pasta singing from the opposite shore of the lake, where she lived. It was during these years that Bellini composed two of his most famous operas, Norma and Sonnambula. Following periods of time on Lake Como, the pair often travelled to the most important cultural circles together though they never had a romantic relationship. In fact, Bellini was actually in love with a different Giuditta, Giuditta Turina, the next-door neighbor of Villa Passalacqua who betrayed her husband by having an extramarital affair with Bellini.

The Bellini Suite, named in his honor, is now the largest suite in Lake Como and includes a double height balustraded music room where he used to play his arias.

front of hotel entrance with an orange Italian classic car

Visit the Passalacqua website for more information on this stunning hotel.

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