How To Care For Your Umbrella


Business & Pleasure Co. umbrellas are designed to be used and loved for multiple Summer seasons. With the sunshine ahead, it's important to know how to care for your beach umbrella to keep it in pristine condition.


After a day of use, please store your beach umbrella indoors inside the carry case, in a dry area to preserve its beauty. If your umbrella gets wet, dry the umbrella with a soft towel and allow fringe to drip dry in shade until completely dry before storing it away.

Like all outdoor furniture, if you leave it outside in the sun, rain, moisture, salt, ocean breeze etc you are going to see some general wear & tear. Teak wood is beautiful but it requires attention & TLC. The best advice we have is to cover OR simply bring your umbrella inside when it is not in use.

If your umbrella gets dirty, we recommend avoiding the use of chemicals to clean it. Spot clean the umbrella with a mild, soapy water.

Please be sure to cover up your Market Umbrellas with the Umbrella Cover whenever they are not in use.