The Directors Chair - Bar Height - Lauren's Pink Stripe

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Introducing the Directors Chairs.

Made from a wood frame which is ideal for outdoor patios, decks and garden environments and our B&PCo 260gsm acrylic-cotton canvas for a superior look and feel. 

Available in table height and bar height.


Table Height: 

37” H x 25” W x 20” D

10.5’ W when folded.

Seat to floor: 20” 

Weight: 9lbs 

Bar Height: 

45” H x 25” W x 20” D 

10.5’ W when folded.

Seat to floor: 28” 

Weight: 13lbs


  • Store indoors, in a dry area when not in use to preserve its beauty.
  • Avoid use of chemicals, spot clean with a mild, soapy water.
  • If the item gets wet, allow to air dry completely before storing away. 
  • Keep free from any water, chlorine or salt residue. 

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